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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Deborah Jimenez

To me, Hebraic leadership means navigating the dual realities of the world we live in while focusing on the Kingdom that is to come. It means seeking the order God ordained for the universe in order to create positive change in a world full of chaos, while humbly recognizing we are not responsible for solving humanly unfixable injustices we come across with. Most importantly, I think Hebraic leadership requires us to focus on God’s word to see who He is and how His presence in creation requires us to lead and treat others. I think it’s very easy to seek to impose God’s way on the world, or believe it’s up to us to change people to seek what we believe is what God wants for them, when we forget that God is in control of all things and will bring all things to completion when he establishes his kingdom on Earth. I think a Hebraic worldview frees us to seek the kingdom of God while we wait for it to come, and seek the welfare of the city (and others) without trying to take on burdens that are not ours to take. We can freely lead where God has us and act as living links between heaven and earth because we recognize God will one day make the world what it ought to be.