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Reply To: What were the “three ascendancies?” How did these ascendancies lead to the current situation in Lebanon?

Clara Easterday

The three ascendancies in Lebanon’s modern history are the Christian ascendancy (1920-1975), the Sunni Ascendancy (1990-2005), and the Shiite/Hezbolla ascendancy (2005-present). The period of Christian ascendancy was the golden age of Lebanon, a period of peace, economic stability, and growth. However, while Muslims and Christians peacefully cooexisted in Lebanon’s pluralistic society, cracks began to show as Lebanon’s Christian’s made more and more concessions. The Christian ascendancy came to an end in the war that broke out in the 70’s and was replaced by the Sunni ascendancy, a relatively brief period marked by a steady decline of the state. This was in turn replaced by the Shiite/hezbolla ascendancy wherein Lebanon is controlled by the puppets of the Iranian government and the Lebanese mafia. The Lebanese middle class was destroyed overnight and the economy and society went into free fall.