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Reply To: How, if at all, did this course shape or change your perception of the ongoing Syrian Civil War?

Janae Robinson

This course taught me so much more about Syria and Civil War than I had ever learned before. Prior to this course, I knew very little about Syria generally. Along the lines of the war, I knew the United States backed the Kurdish forces. I vaguely remember reading about the Russian bombings in Aleppo and the political fallout. The course gave me an overview of Syria, but also the many players in the conflict along with the history. At first glance, hearing the words “Civil War” makes me think of the United States’ Civil War that had two opposing forces. The Syrian Civil War encompasses many groups in the country and outside countries too. My perception of the war is that it is a very nuanced and heartbreaking conflict. I was surprised to learn about the Christian influence in Syria, with a higher percentage of the population than in Israel and high ranking positions in the government. The more I learn about the Near East, the more I see the complexity of the region and the importance of the Christians in the region.