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Reply To: How, if at all, will you take the information you’ve learned in this course and apply it to how you read and interpret scripture? What, if anything, will you pass along to your own community?

Anna Selzer

Before taking this course, I never really considered Biblical literacy in this way. I think it is important to read larger chunks of scripture at a time versus just a verse or a paragraph. Going further, I’m going to look for identifiers in passages like main characters and main arguments as well as how conflicts are resolved. I think it’s also essential to bring my questions and concerns to the Word and resolve them through diligent Biblical study. In my community, I think that I can perpetuate these techniques in settings like Bible studies and small groups. I believe many people, myself included, could better progress toward Biblical fluency by employing better techniques of Biblical study. It is important to recognize that Biblical fluency is the ultimate goal and not just being complacent with being Biblically literate.