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Reply To: In your opinion, why is it important for Christians to stand up for religious freedom for people of all faiths, and not just our own?

Anna Selzer

It is extremely important for Christians to support religious freedom for all faiths. If we want freedom for to practice our faith, we need to give others the same right. To support religious freedom only for Christianity would be tyrannical and suppressive, which is the opposite of how Jesus lived and the opposite of how a stable society functions. God gave humans free will to choose Him or not, and it is not our job to force Christianity down the throats of others by coercion. We are Christ’s ambassadors, and we are called to present the truth in love. We see in certain countries the result of religious tolerance for only one faith, which results in other faiths meeting underground and becoming persecuted for differing beliefs. These are typically the societies deemed ineffective by the rest of the world.