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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

David Ndayishimiye

As many have stated and as the professor stated, one way would be by listening and asking questions. This has proven to be positive in many ways. It is also among the main sought approaches that can be applied to business, and other things in life. Taking initiative and sparking up a conversation will create great outcomes. For instance, this method can help you find common grounds which can help you have a positive connection. Also, visiting another person’s place of worship, and overall being, approachable with a good character will help build great relationships. In other words, being authentic to yourself and having values that are right will also be of help. Most often, it is difficult to change a person’s philosophy. You’ll also find that even your sibling will have a different philosophy from you. However, having the right approach with the intent of understanding and not a judgemental one will ease your way of building a relationship with an individual.