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Reply To: Have you ever been told that supporting Israel prevents you from supporting Palestinians? After taking this course, how would you go about responding to false accusations like this?

David Ndayishimiye

There is a misconception about this issue that has been going on for a while. It is a fact that being Pro-Israel does not mean being against Palestine. Also, there is no post or article that I have seen saying otherwise in all organizations that I have been a part of. Being pro-Israel or being against antisemitism is not hate. A lot of peers who’ve had this mentality are either against Zionism or are unaware of what the situation is between these two countries. The next step would be to ask for facts. Many people saying this often have no facts to back their words. I believe that after analyzing the situation carefully, there is no way that you can completely be biased on one side. Hate is often an outcome of misinformation. Moreover, knowing the truth allows for better judgment. No better judgment leads to the extent of hate that Israel faces. In summary, I would recommend finding facts that are not biased, and visiting Israel is possible to see how half of the Palestinian population is thriving between the Mediterranean sea & the Jordan river.