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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?

Kenneth Saye

After reading this course, I understood that as a leader of Christ, you are not limited only to churches. But you are called by God, to be of help to your communities’ schools, workplaces, individuals, marketplaces, families, country, and the world at large through an impartation of Christ both spiritually and physically.
Doing my freshman year at the university, I understood that leader helps management to achieve their goals, by using managerial resources and people accomplishment. I believe that using the Hebraic visions, is a biblical principle that will help us move forward in a spiritual and physical relationship with God.
I understand, when you are called to lead, you are for everyone; which concord with the Hebrew word that says Linhog, meaning to conduct others as a leader. A leader is also, a servant, motivator, and team worker. Looking at Moses, when he was designated by God to lead the children of Israel from Egypt into the wilderness to cross the red sea before they have gotten to the promise land, which was the place of their final destination shows the miraculous power of God. What God cannot do, does not exist?