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Reply To: Analyze one of the supplementary Bible passages in light of the course content. Do you see evidence of the Hebraic map? Did anything about the passage surprise you? Was there any part of the passage that stuck out to you in particular?

Alexandra Adair

Hey Janae,

Your reaction to this text is so similar to mine! Just like you, I didn’t understand the connection between Jeremiah and Daniel and Esther before this reading. I think there’s something to be said for Sunday schools that only teach a single Bible snippit each Sunday, so that it can be hard for a child to gain a full picture of the story. I understand that it’s a small amount of time and that there are small minds listening, but I do wish there was a bigger emphasis on the entirety of the Bible when it was told to me in church as a kid. I also like your comments about praying to the Lord for the US. I hope that we can band together in prayer!