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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Miriam Cavanaugh

Like many other in this forum I do believe that firstly education about Judaism and secondly being exposed to our jewish friends is crucial in forming good christian-jewish dialogue. Education about Judaism thus must be an ongoing process for me personal, as a Christian I must first learn more about the religion and people that our Lord and Saviour was born into, before I can share my acquired knowledge with my friends and fellow Christians.
I personally think that, as the family is the nucleus of the society, I should first and foremost teach my children about the Jews as our “older brothers” in the faith. Fostering good and educated conversations around the dinner table about similar topics can have a wide-ranging effect.
Secondly, concerning exposition to the jewish faith, I can either go on my own, or take my whole family to a synagogue, or to a shabbat evening and experience the beauty of their religion while keeping my eyes open towards similarities in our beliefs.

Another thought I just had is that celebrating a christian-adapted version of shabbat on Friday nights with the family is also a beautiful way of honouring our jewish roots.