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Reply To: Have you been exposed to harmful antisemitic tropes about Jewish control over finances or foreign policy? After participating in this course, how would you go about responding to these tropes if you encounter them?

Shawrath Anthony

I believe that in the world we live in, in this day and age, we have all been exposed to antisemitism to a certain extent either through media or through different social movements. I think one of the biggest anti-Semitic lies we could believe is the idea that a secret jewish society controls the worlds most dominant political and financial institutions (those who believe this probably may not even know that this is antisemitic). Antisemitism these days has become very subtle and sneaky.

I think the one way we can encounter these tropes is by personal education and research about the subject matter and by realizing, distinguishing truth from lies. I courses offered by the Philos Project does a wonderful job at this.
I think after educating oneself it is important to engage in friendly and respectful dialogue with those that have different views on the matter or even with those that have no views at all.

The truth will eventually win.