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Reply To: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of UAV weaponry in the Near East? How do you think technological advancements will continue to shape warfare globally?

Stevin Surajin

I do agree with you on that drone warfare has greatly extended the reach of modern military forces that greatly reduce time, especially when acting on time-sensitive intel. One thing that also entered my mind as I read your comment, was the fact that UAV weaponry has added to the mystique of America’s uncontested and nigh invincible status as one of the world’s most powerful military organizations. However, just as there might be such a perception, so too does exist the idea that the US is a power hungry nation unconcerned with the status and wellbeing of the countries that they operate in to achieve their goals. A good example of this is the civilian casualties that have arose as a result of drone warfare thus greatly turning public perception and support against the United States.