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Reply To: Have you been exposed to harmful antisemitic tropes about Jewish control over finances or foreign policy? After participating in this course, how would you go about responding to these tropes if you encounter them?

Stevin Surajin

Well said Renita! I definitely think the issue of radicals in this nation, is a serious issue, since regardless of view, radicals from opposing sides have really split the nation into two due to their differing views, affecting everything from domestic issues to foreign policy. There is also a certain degree of antisemitism still visible in a lot of the views of the people who are also voicing their strong opinions, and I think a calculated effort to address this misinformation through public discourse and amicable discussion is necessary to combat this, not just for the wellbeing of our country, but also to address and bring about positive change in our nation’s affairs as well as the decisions that we make regarding foreign policy.