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Reply To: What is one tangible way that you plan to exhibit Hebraic leadership in your own neighborhood after taking this course?

Stevin Surajin

I wish to exhibit Hebraic leadership by reaching out to young men that I know and the youth in my local church, and disciple them and teach them how to be better men based on not what the world says, but instead what is reflected in scripture. Young men these days are bombarded from all avenues on how to best exhibit/develop their masculinity. There is a lot of unclear/unbiblical advice that is touted regularly whether through social media, worldly influences, their friend circle and even unfortunately their own family. A lot of men end up following some of these wrong examples leading to deeply destructive behaviors that can affect themselves, as well as those around them. For example, promiscuity, alcoholism, and activities that can cultivate pride (Exercise, work, etc. which are not bad by themselves, but can ultimately foster excessive pride when an individual chooses to pursue that as their primary motivation) instead of prioritizing a relationship with Jesus. This was a path that I would have followed, if not for being discipled and mentored by Christian men who are strong in their faith. It was recently that I got this revelation, and I am slowly embarking upon this process by reaching out to the youth in my church and other men within my friend circle, who I feel that the Lord is directing me towards, to see how I can pour into their lives, and build them up to be men that don’t adhere to worldly standards, but rather to a biblical one.