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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Cade Coffee

Hebraic leadership, though a multi-faceted idea, is crucial for Christians living around the world to integrate into their daily lives in order for the teachings of Christianity to be implemented and represented the way that those who originally taught them had meant for them to be. Hebraic leadership begins with approaching scripture the way that the original authors intended for their original audiences to approach it. In order to do this we have to ask ourselves numerous questions, including but not limited to: What was the author’s intent? Why was the letter being written? What was the perspective of those receiving the letter/of those writing the letter? What cultural/historical/political norms were present during the time of the letter being written/received? In doing this, a Hebraic leader learns primarily from the scriptures how to lead well. Another important aspect of a Hebraic leader is the fact that the leader has others following him and as he leads, believing in an objective truth, he encourages people to pursue that truth on their own terms in a posture of respect and independent decisions, acknowledging the fact that not everyone around them is living or working from the same worldview. A final characteristic that I think is important for a Hebraic leader is that they are a life-long student. They never arrive at a point in which they believe themselves to be above learning or becoming a student themselves.