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Reply To: Have you ever consciously or subconsciously used your faith to examine foreign policy? Was it harmful or helpful? Please elaborate.

Samuel Lowry

Hi Dominique,
I, too, was homeschooled prior to going to college. Well, it was more of a hybrid program, but still my education was influenced by faith (being in a Christian program and by my family). And while in that program, I saw my faith personalize. It was no longer what those around me believed but I formed by own thoughts and my own beliefs. I formed my own relationship with God. I went on to study at Liberty University where I furthered my education with a biblical lens. I really think this helps approach conversations in areas that are heavily opposed to faith with an alternative – doing things a better way. What I am learning know is how to “translate” my beliefs and principles in rational statements without using scripture. It seems that whenever you state that something is from the Bible, many become instantly defensive. However, if we can provide a rational argument without using scripture, people will respond better. Later, I can share where I got my reasoning from. It’s all a process. It’s a journey. Thanks, Samuel.