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Reply To: In what ways did indigenous Christians shape Lebanon’s history? What did you find most interesting about these communities?

Shawrath Anthony

It is quite fascinating to note that Lebanon as is today would even exist with the christian populations that have been spread out over Mount Lebanon. The unique relationship that Lebanon shares with France has largely been fostered by the Maronite Church dating back to the crusades and gave them a sense of independence during the French mandate to splinter off of the rest of greater-syria. It was also very interesting to note that this very christian identity was one of the main reasons that Lebanon was able to veer off as independent nation instead of being merged into syria like the Alwaites, Turks, Druze and even Kurds were. Christianity was largely responsible for the unique identity of Lebanon and a sort of freedom, independence and the rich Arab-French culture that once set Lebanon apart from the rest of the Arab world because of which Lebanon was also referred to as the Paris of the Middle East