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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Loncey Elie

Antisemitism is an issue that has been occurring in the past, is happening right now, and will happen in the future. In every situation, there needs to be a solution and in order to combat this problem, violence should not be the answer. The main way to solve this issue is communication. Communication is key because by listening to others and getting an understanding of their needs creates peace. To be able to solve situations in peace is good in the long term run because everyone is on the same page depite the differences. As Christians, anything we do has to be done in love so anything that opposes harm and creates destruction is something that is not tolerable. These problems will continue to arise, but the way in which we combat these issues has to be solved in a way that creates unity. It will be tough to tackle these issues in reality, but the world should strive to promote ways that brings peace. I personally will have conversations with students at my college campuses where it is open-minded to listen to all perspectives. By doing this, clarity will occur and ideas will be created that respects all views in order to tackle this issue.