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Reply To: In what ways did indigenous Christians shape Lebanon’s history? What did you find most interesting about these communities?

Benjamin Comire

I believe that indigenous Christians shaped Lebanon’s history by being one of the few people groups in the region who believed in and advocated for their freedom. The Maronites in particular were committed to maintaining their freedom and independence for as long as they possibly could, while many other Christians, such as Greek Orthodox or Armenians, integrated within Islamic societies. This commitment to freedom was refreshing and fascinating to learn about because they were unafraid to challenge the current state of the culture in Lebanon and the Near East whenever it threatened the freedom of Christians in the area. This spirit of firm resistance to tyranny and oppression is key in understanding these Christian communities as well as looking abroad at ways to challenge the growing power and threat of nations like Iran. The same spirit of freedom can apply not only to Christians, but for Jews and Muslims as well who want to live and worship in peace across the Near East. My hope and prayer is that this example of Maronite Christians will help serve as a guide towards practical and lasting peace in the region.