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Reply To: Q&A Session with Robert Nicholson – Oct 12, 2022

Loncey Elie

In this situation about the Israel, Jewish, and Palestinian conflict there is so much tension going on which is causing other relationships to be broken. This is causing wars and overall a broken society. The biblical principle of love is very powerful because it unites and makes a society stronger. It says in the Bible the three values remain: faith, hope, and love. However, love supersedes both characteristics. Love drives out hate because nowadays in the world, people want to use violence to demonstrate their frustration. However, this causes the opposing forces to hate the other side even more and use more violence to show their anger as well. This escalates into chaos, confusion, and distress among everyone. I believe the best way to solve any tension, including this conflict, is to show peace and love through communication and actions. Communication is the best key to solving any problem because it involves two people who are listening and putting in the work to create a peaceful environment. Therefore, getting all the parties together to communicate and listen to all the different sides is powerful to understand how to lay our lives for someone else to always be a nation of love and peace.