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Reply To: In what ways did indigenous Christians shape Lebanon’s history? What did you find most interesting about these communities?

Medgine Present

I learned many interesting things from this course. I did not know about the strong history of Lebanon and their Christian faith. I actually did not know much about Christian history at all. My historical knowledge has been structured from reading the Bible. So, when I do not understand something, I would search up the historical context of it. I learned that is was Christians who led the Arab Renaissance. I learned that Dr. Habib Malik combined denominational strands of Christianity in Lebanon, with an inclusive spirit. Additionally, Lebanon experienced times of peaceful coexistence among different faiths and denominations under the Christian rule which allowed freedom of religion. In history, there is always so much evidence of wars and people going against others. Although Lebanon had a checkered past, where they experienced good and bad times, it was relieving to hear some good parts of history. This is relevant because people may think of ways that they can be agents of change for issues that they see in the world today.