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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Marieliana Cadet

Before diving into what Hebraic leadership means to me, the definition that stuck with me throughout this course in terms of the concept of leadership is that a leader, a good one is that of having others wanting to follow them, and that individual gets others where they need to go most importantly possessing the skill of being able to make good decisions at the forks of the road and it is applicable here to say that another term for leadership is navigation. Given the understanding of what is like to be a good leader and what it’s meant by the term leadership, Hebraic leadership is centered on one’s use of the map of cosmology to navigate this world and also the Hebraic map, being that one in which is based on the word of God to navigate this world. Furthermore, Hebraic leadership is more so on the application of the five pillars of the Hebraic tradition being that of deity, personality, history, plurality, and responsibility.
Additionally, Hebraic leadership is about navigating the duality of history and himself before God’s eyes. Hebraic leader is deeply into the word of God, and they are not only students of the bible but also, a vehicle for spreading the Bible’s influence to the ends of the earth. Altogether, this can all sum up to say that Hebraic leadership is centered on seeking the Kingdom first, with God remaining at the center of that individual’s life.