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Reply To: Have you ever consciously or subconsciously used your faith to examine foreign policy? Was it harmful or helpful? Please elaborate.

Deneisha Hollis

My faith is deeply rooted in how I perceive the world and foreign policy. I believe if it does not promote goodwill and build the kingdom of God then we should reevaluate it. I believe that Christianity teaches people to call out hypocrisy and to love all people. If policies deter from doing these things then they are not founded on my beliefs and I have to advocate for those afflicted by them. If I do not believe my faith impacts all levels of my life I would not be able to fully receive God’s promise. I can not compartmentalize foreign policy away from my religion because Jesus did not separate his beliefs from his everyday life. When I see injustice I am better able to help with the solution by using scriptures from the bible and following the teachings of Jesus. It has helped me understand the Israel-Palestinian conflict, racism in America, and other world isssues such as world hunger or genocide.