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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Sean Moore

This is something I have found to partially be connected to political ideology. In general, conservative Christians tend to not take up many issues of the “disenfranchised” but they have always been pro-Jewish. Whereas in general many liberal Christians tend to take the issues of disenfranchised people seriously, but do not take the issues of the Jewish peoples seriously. Instead, they focus wholly on the Palestinian Arabs. I think that main way to approach this si to point out to liberal Christians that the Jews are hands down the most abused minority in history. No one has been more hated anywhere they go then the Jews.

On the other hand, to those primarily conservative Christians who believe in supersessionism, this is a different issue where they deny God’s covenant with the Jew’s still stands. It obviously does. Think about this, how could a group, that was exiled all throughout Europe for 2 thousand years, hold on to their culture despite everyone hating them. There is no other example of that, a religious minority, who was forced out of their native lands but their religion survives intact for 2,000 years. That in itself should be proof enough some part of God’s covenant and protection is still in effect.