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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Janae Robinson

Three tangible ways that I can personally improve my relationship with Christians from other traditions are serving together, talking about what we believe, and visiting their churches. On my Passages trip this past summer, I learned a lot about other traditions that I would not have otherwise. Serving together gives us something in common and a place to begin conversation. Instead of jumping in awkwardly to questioning each other, we could first converse about a service project. Second is having a conversation about the finer points of what we believe. The diversity of belief among Christians is something that has surprised me. I have grown up in the Midwest with most of my exposer to traditions being Baptist and Non-denominational. I would love to have a discussion about what an Eastern or older Protestant tradition is like in practice. Finally, visiting houses of worships from other traditions could help me improve my relationship with Christians more broadly. I am on staff at my church and seldom am I in another house of worship. When I was in the Holy Sepulcher, I was caught off-guard with the church because of how it was decorated. The icons are something I am not used too and visiting a church with these would help me learn about them.