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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Austin Pellizzer

When trying to educate any community about harmful practices, I think one should take a couple of points to consider as a whole. In particular, concerning antisemitism in one’s Christian community, there are several ways young students, in particular, can approach this topic.
Firstly, when trying to educate others on the shameful history Christians have played in the roles of antisemitism, one should try and educate themselves by reading, listening, and researching this practice. It is through getting a well-rounded understanding that one can start answering questions and changing people’s perceptions.
Secondly, get involved in pro-Israel and Jewish cultural clubs on campus to get a better idea of how these communities not just practise but also have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Jewish traditions and history.
Lastly, it sounds silly, but it works. Talk to Jewish students and people. The best way to amend the past is to engage and come to an understanding. In my opinion, engaging with all forms of the Jerwishing community has helped to educate me and pass on knowledge about antisemitism which I have been able to share with others myself.