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Reply To: How should we deal with the topic of the Crusades, both in our own thinking and in engagement with Muslims?

Jamila White


My personal take is that I will maintain that Christians are imperfect, however, we are commanded and ought to strive to be perfect. Progressive sanctification is crucial in the Christian life. I am careful to take responsibility for certain parts of history that have hidden agendas and people hiding under the guise of Christianity. This has been done in ancient times, in slavery of America and the Islands, and even till this day. What I remind people of other faiths who may not know is that anyone can profess to be Christian, but that does not mean that they truly are born again. Above all, these acts do not represent Christ and the Gospel. It is human nature to take the sinful nature of people and projects that unto Christ, however, Christ perfect in every communicable and non-communicable attribute. Have Christians been imperfect, certainly. However, I do not support the Crusades being true disciples of Christ for the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit is not there. The real enemy is actually not people, but the adversary, the one who presents himself as an angel of light. He is the real deceiver and father of lies that has influenced people to commit atrocious acts under the guise of Christianity. This then attacks the faith of believers and unbelievers who observe such contradictions.