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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Hannah Paul

Hebraic leadership is leading with a Kingdom mindset. Having that mindset keeps the world, our problems, and any hardships that come our way in the correct perspective. Thus, allowing us to make decisions with clarity and ultimately leading in a way that mimics how Jesus lived which is to serve those around us with both grace and truth. Hebraic leadership means taking the time to understand the history behind the ways in which the world is working. The historical understanding is able to guide our decisions, our conversations, and how we interact with those around us. With this historical knowledge, we can better know the root of Christianity and how we are to live while we are in the “in-between”. Being a Hebraic leader means knowing where you are going and taking responsibility for guiding those who join you along the journey to the Kingdom of God. Navigating this life is meant to be done with community and thus sharing about Jesus to the people you do life with right now is the best place to start.