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Reply To: Analyze one of the supplementary Bible passages in light of the course content. Do you see evidence of the Hebraic map? Did anything about the passage surprise you? Was there any part of the passage that stuck out to you in particular?

Austin Pellizzer

When reading 1 Kings 19, one of the most poignant aspects of the passage, which I found very much linked with the evidence of the Hebraic map, would be the aspect of Personality. This passage demonstrates this pillar when Elijah is confronted with his death, in which he must run for his life. Being low on both food and water, Elijah faces the reality of the possibility of dying and not finishing his journey. This situation quickly changes as an angel and voice of God visit him on multiple occasions, encouraging him to drink and eat to regain his strength and complete his journey. In the end, he is, in fact, able to both eat and drink as well as regain his strength, complete his 40-day journey and fulfill his word, which God’s messengers had advised him to do.
As the personality pillar discusses the role in which the human is the secondary character in constant contact with God, Elijah is an excellent example of how the body can be tormented and deprived (in this case of food and drink) while being saved in spirit by God’s words and messengers. This whole passage stuck out to me because many times throughout our lives, we are deprived and tormented in the flesh. Whether through sin or physical attributes which endanger us. God’s grace can pull us out of a detrimental situation and achieve the impossible.