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Reply To: Have you ever been told that supporting Israel prevents you from supporting Palestinians? After taking this course, how would you go about responding to false accusations like this?

Jamila White


I rarely watch News media, because of the one-sided narrative that is presented on all news platforms. If I do watch, I do not leave my brain and spirit at the door so to speak. I always try to use discernment while listening. When I traveled to Israel in June 2022, I saw with my own eyes that this conflict is much more complex than people make it out to be. Furthermore, beyond the binary false choices that you mentioned, there is a spiritual root to this conflict that even most Christians do not discern. I have met Arabs that desire for this conflict to stop, however, they know it will take something much more than policies set in place. One common thing I was asked by both the Jewish people and the Palestinian people was to pray for them. Many times Christians say they are praying, but are we really interceding? Both groups are really suffering and I cannot help but think about the innocent children of both sides that will be subjected to generations of trauma, war, and the spirit of death that has plagued this region. The binary false choices that you are referring to is known as the for or against method. In other words, either you are for us or against us. God is a God of justice but also love, mercy, and grace. Even the IDF soldier I met in Israel, who was an Israeli Jew, acknowledged that the Palestinian children tug on his heart. He expressed how he cannot have hatred for them. I hope this paints a picture of the falsehood news media often presents to us and inspires you and others to dive deeper into the word of God and building relationships with the Jewish people and Palestinians as you see fit.