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Reply To: Have you ever been told that supporting Israel prevents you from supporting Palestinians? After taking this course, how would you go about responding to false accusations like this?

Jamila White

I have not been directly told this statement, however, I have heard others allude to this in conversation. What I find interesting is that I have had to come face-to-face with this conflict in my own life prior to traveling to Israel in June 2022 and taking this course. My name is an Arabic name, that is often used by Muslims. I do not have a Muslim or Arabic ethnic background. My father simply chose the name, because he liked the meaning behind the name. My first name has allowed me to have many interactions with both Arabs and Muslims throughout my life. I have also developed relationships with Jewish people here in America since I was an undergrad in college. I had a unique interest in the Jewish people and Israel as I learned more about God’s word after giving my life to Christ in college. I also developed love for the Arabic people I met. I worked with Arabic and Muslim physicians for 3.5 years when I worked in the ER. Through all of the aforementioned experiences, I must acknowledge that I have been embraced by both the Jewish people and the Arabs. I believe this to be a work of God himself. I also cannot forget the injustices I have personally witnessed from both sides. In response to the above accusation, I would personally state that no political policy can solve this issue. This conflict is much deeper than the surface level that is presented. I have met Arabs that desperately desire this conflict to stop, however, they feel as if both sides are being exploited for economic, political, and spiritual gain. I believe the root to be spiritual and have the scriptural support and personal accounts in support of my view and response. As a Christian, I am called to hate falsehood and evil. This means that I hate the killings, tortures, and lies that are being spread, but I love the people. I love Israel and the people of Israel, but I also love the Palestinians. This does not mean that there is no wrongdoing, but rather it is the overflowing of the love, grace, and mercy that God himself has shown me. I must also do the same for both the Jewish people and the Palestinians. This does not imply that I am neutral. I am on the side of God and his justice, but also his steadfast love, grace, and mercy. Romans 9:18 displays the perfect wisdom and knowledge of God. I believe that I will never know all of the secret things behind this conflict for it is not meant for my finite mind to know. I do know that I am called to love all people, showing grace and mercy with no partiality. Both groups are worthy of being shown the love of God. I believe God will do a great work with both groups of people and only He will get the glory out of it. Not the politicians, extremist groups, religious leaders. Disciples of Christ will help to play a part in this by displaying supernatural love that will point both groups to the word of God.