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Reply To: Why is it important for Christians to keep the sad history of Christian antisemitism in mind when responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the present?

Dominique Hoffman

Hi Hannah, I wrote about something similar in my post and completely agree. I think there is an ignorance amongst modern Christian, particularly Christian Zionist that there has always been an affinity between Jews and Christians when that is so far from the truth. When visiting Israel, I have often asked my tour guides why they are not open to being Christians, and every time they remind me of how Christians persecuted their people throughout history. Far before the Nazis and Eugenics, hatred for the Jews was perpetuated largely by the Christian community and theology such as Replacement theology. I agree that we should not lose sight of that and attempt to bridge the gap and reconcile with modern Jewish communities, largely through supporting their right to self-determine when the rest of the world has done and does little to protect and defend them.