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Reply To: In your opinion, why is it important for Christians to stand up for religious freedom for people of all faiths, and not just our own?

Kenneth C. Jackson

It is very important for Christians to fight for religious freedom for people of all faiths because, like some had said, ”It is critical to the health of any diverse society.” If a society is to be healthy in terms of peace, co-existence, freedom of expression, worship and gathering, then, Christians must muster the courage to fight for that right – religious freedom for other faiths. In fact, fighting for the rights of other faiths allows their religious practices and beliefs to flourish and blossom even in an unfriendly environment. For me, at this point, it is not about our faith again as Christians but about serving God’s people. It is worth noting that Christianity is about serving (fighting) for other people’s rights. As Christians, our faith is grounded in the belief that God is Sovereign over the affairs of entire earth and all that live within it (Psalm 24:1-2). God also given us the freedom to choose not to follow him or follow him. The question now is, why then should we stop others or not fight for others to enjoy this peace or freedom? Therefore, just as God has given all of us the freedom to choose and express ourselves, we must make sure that others from different faiths have the same freedom to their religious practices and beliefs and must live in peace irrespective of their faiths. In short, serving other faiths by fighting for their rights fosters peace and unity! But only God will separate the wheat from the weed in the Day of Judgment.