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Reply To: After taking this course, in your own words, please define Hebraic leadership and what it means to you.

Ariel Fierro

Hebraic leadership thinks historically and views the world through a biblical lens, but keeping in mind to have the perspective of Jesus Christ.

Hebraic leadership means to me that one is not trying to be solely the image of God but to see through Jesus’ eyes. How to navigate through two realms – the earth and the spiritual. Additionally, continue on the path of Hebraic tradition. Growing up, we are taught that natural-born leaders have confidence, have the “right walk,” and so forth. However, Hebraic leaders have those traits and understand the history of something half hidden and half revealed. Within this, they must account for being responsible for their surroundings and affirming God’s sovereignty over it all. Hebraic leaders must dive into understanding and walk in the word of God to teach those around them. This creates an image of what we, as Christians, must entail. If we are to be called Christians but not know the roots of where the belief originated from and not create a faithful path for others to follow, how are we Christians and even so Hebraic Leaders?