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Reply To: BONUS: Go to a church service in a Christian denomination outside of your own tradition

Mitchell Schwab

Out of pure curiosity, I attended Catholic mass. The traditions are vastly different than my Christian upbringing. Initially I felt very uncomfortable because I was not expecting the church service to proceed as it did. Similarly, I attended a southern Baptist church service which was completely different than the Catholic church service and my own faith. I would love to attend a near Eastern church service to compare the traditions as well. I am starting to realize that much of what we do in our own churches is based off of tradition… Not doctrine. I have also started to ponder the effect many of the early creeds have on the modern Christian views of western culture. Though we claim the Bible to be the only source of the word of God, it seems we have begun to place much of our viewpoints of the gospel through the lens of those creeds, influencing our perspective of the Bible. How much of what we know and do today is because of the Creeds vs the Bible? Unfortunately, I feel the doctrines and viewpoints contained in the creeds are what divides western and eastern Christianity when we have absolute unity in the Bible and in Christ.