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Reply To: Have you ever consciously or subconsciously used your faith to examine foreign policy? Was it harmful or helpful? Please elaborate.

Mitchell Schwab

I have absolutely used my faith to examine foreign policy regarding the Near East, both consciously and subconsciously. I have done this because I know God is not a God of coincidence. He is actively involved in the affairs of this world, especially with regard to His covenant people. As such, putting my faith aside would put blinders on my perspective which I cannot do. However, as of late (within the past 5 years or so), I have increasingly began to view the Middle East through the eyes of the locals and outside of my own biased lens in order to more fully understand the perspective of Palestinians, Jews, and other Near East stakeholders. This perspective has greatly enhanced my empathy for Near East residents. Though my faith influences my foreign policy perspective, the empathetic approach I have implemented also influences my perspective. I believe this to be the best approach.