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Reply To: How did this course shape or change your perceptions of the modern Near East as a whole?

Hannah Straub

Until listening to these lectures, I didn’t realize how widespread conflict is across the Near East. Hearing an overview of the past 100 years of conflict in the Near East, made me realize how much peace there is in the country I live.

It was especially painful to hear how much outside actors have manipulated internal conflicts and civil wars for their own gains. To hear how Iran has given weapons to Hezbollah or the US to Kurdish groups was sobering. Proxy wars are so destructive and leave a high cost in human life.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a civilian in a country that isn’t stable. The numbers about the Syrian refugee crisis that Darren gave were mind-boggling, with half of all Syrians displaced. I hope that some day peace comes to this area of the world.