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Reply To: Analyze one of the supplementary Bible passages in light of the course content. Do you see evidence of the Hebraic map? Did anything about the passage surprise you? Was there any part of the passage that stuck out to you in particular?

Griffin Weiss

I see evidence of the Hebraic map in Micah 4:1-13, specifically in regards to the Kingdom of God as the goal of the Hebraic map. Oftentimes, because of the vast array of different viewpoints around the Near East politically, geographically, and eschatologically, it is easy for me to lessen the spiritual importance of Jerusalem and Israel in my mind because it can be confusing and contentious to talk about. However, what surprised me about this passage in Micah was the clear centrality of Jerusalem in the future of the Kingdom. The Lord is active in not only redeeming and restoring Jerusalem, but then he uses this region as the place from which he will rule. Verse 2 says, “For instruction will go out of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” Again in verses 7-8 Micah writes, “I will make the lame into a remnant, those far removed into a strong nation. Then the Lord will rule over them in Mount Zion from this time on and forever. And you, watchtower for the flock, fortified hill of Daughter Zion, the former rule will come to you, sovereignty will come to Daughter Jerusalem.” These verses within Micah’s prophecy stand out because they show our Lord’s clear care for Jerusalem and his plans to use it as his seat of Authority. This can only increase the spiritual significance of the Near East in the Hebraic perspective and it is honestly a bit exciting to read Micah’s words over and over again.