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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Michaela Todd

Like many of the participants that posted before me, and what was mentioned by our lecturer, the best way to learn is to sit down with someone from a different background and get to know them. Take initiative to start conversation, ask questions, and share my own experiences. Whether they grew up in a different culture, religion or denomination, I think approaching the subject by getting to know them as a person helps me understand more of their beliefs. I now attend a non-denominational church, but I grew up Methodist. Many of my friends in my current church grew up in different denominations, so when we are talking about their faith journeys I like hearing about the teachings they received. From the way they recite the Lord’s prayer, to how they offer communion, to their church’s process for baptism – I find it interesting. One of the traditions that has been on my mind recently is baptism, and the different processes and requirements each denomination has. Baptism is a key moment in the life of a Christian, and as a person who is wanting to understand God better I think hearing about the different baptism traditions from various churches is helping me weed out what I believe – and gives me the ability to understand more of my brothers and sisters in Christ.