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Reply To: How, if at all, did this course shape or change your perception of the ongoing Syrian Civil War?

Norman Low

I really appreciated hearing the Syria story from someone who was strongly committed and knowledgeable about the country. While the focus in the news has always been on Israel, with mention of other countries as they relate to Israel, it was good to have a standalone course dedicated to Syria. Since the civil war had been going on for so long, it is hard to read a news article without having the background information so needed in understanding the events in context.

One major question on my mind after taking this course is, “what should be the stance of a Syrian Christian?” While it would be easy to oppose Abbas for the human rights violations, would joining the opposition lead to a better future? If Abbas were to be deposed, the opposition coalition would surely break apart. With the number of groups with different priorities, there would definitely be a disorderly transition.

On another level, I wonder how the US should be involved with this civil war. I am sure that there are plenty of experts and opinions in the State department that are talking about this and many other cases. I doubt that the public would understand the paths that they choose.