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Reply To: Which of the conflicts featured in the “100 Years of Conflict” lecture did you find to be the most interesting and why?

Jordan Leatherwood

The conflict that I found the most interesting in the “100 Years of Conflict” lecture was The 1982 Operation Peace for Galilee. The reason it interested me so much is because this is a conflict I have never learned about. I had always assumed that the PLO was always in Israel, in the partitioned areas after WWII. I never knew that the PLO was in Jordan, Lebanon, or Tripoli until I started the Pathfinder program.

The intentions behind the operation seem nice to me, but the execution was abhorrent. Israel has a right to defend itself, undoubtedly, against Iranian backed terrorist groups in Lebanon at the time. That is why the invasion of southern Lebanon happened. However, installing a Pro-Israel Christian government in Lebanon seemed like a stretch to me. This led to a failed government in Lebanon, increased tensions with Israel, and a complete takeover of Lebanon by Syria. The one advantage to the conflict, it seems, is the exile of the PLO to Tripoli, which was temporary.