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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?


I am a Roman Catholic and I believe that one of the best ways to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in my church community is to look at the Old Testament and its history. For example, learning about the Second Temple Period, the period in which Jesus walked the earth, is beneficial because we can see the Jewish context, setting, lifestyle, and religion that Jesus grew up in. Furthermore, if we study the Old Testament, we will find that one scholar says something along the lines of “The New Testament is hidden in the Old Testament and the Old Testament is fulfilled by the New Testament.” The Old Testament is the background and foreground of our faith. If we understand it, we come closer to understanding our brothers and sisters in Judaism. We won’t seem as “different.” As a Christian, I actually enjoy the Old Testament more than the New Testament. I like how rich in history it is and I have come to know God in many different ways because of it.