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Reply To: Do you think the U.S. should assist in mediating negotiations toward a resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Why or why not?

Denise DeVatt

I agree with you! The problems that face the US through PA corruption, Hamas, and Israel settlers is a large driving force behind the intractability of the conflict. I also strongly agree that any pushes for peace from the United States wouldn’t be fruitful unless all sides hope for peace as well. When the US does get involved with states that want peace with Israel (Abraham Accords), it works out for all!
I want to add one more thing that you can think about as well as everything else that you mentioned; the United States has a very limited understanding of the water conflict in the region as we face no such thing here, and I think that until we take into account that water allocation is mentioned in almost every peace deal that Israel reaches, we are just going to be spinning ourselves into circles. There will be no peace in the region until water allocation is agreed upon first. Thanks for sharing!