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Reply To: What were some of your primary takeaways after reading Matti Friedman’s “There Is No ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’”?

Analeeza Martinez

After reading Friedman’s article in The New York Times, I was able to better understand how multifaceted the conflict actually is. Sometimes when we are so focused on what is in front of us, we forget to take a step back and remove our bias to see an issue for what it really is or from a different viewpoint. For example, I have two older twin sisters and when they argue, they both come to me with conflicting stories in hopes of getting me to be on their side. From both sides of the stories, I usually gather more emotion than fact and from there I am able to see why each sister is upset. This allows me to zoom out and see other factors that may have contributed to the issue similarly to how Friedman describes the way Israelis view the conflict. This article encouraged me to step back and look through a different lens and helped me to realize my bias is present, but also to still be open-minded to the bigger picture. Essentially, it is important to understand that different groups involved will have different attitudes and opinions on the issue that impact them personally.