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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Olivia Layne

One of my first classes in my Undergrad was Church History, and I remember being blown away and oftentimes overwhelmed by the diversity amongst Christians. I think lots of people react to this diversity with hostility, largely because they believe their views could be under attack by merely associating with Christians from other traditions. In the South, where I’m located, it’s prevalent for Christians to stay in their own traditional bubble and look down on those who disagree. I would love to be part of the solution, rather than unknowingly advance a cultural problem. I can do this by checking my preconceived notions at the door and embracing Christians from different traditions with the love of Christ. Likewise, I should attend services with those Christians of different traditions, and engage in fruitful conversations with them. Lastly, asking questions to those who come from traditions that I might not understand!