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Reply To: Why is it important for Christians to keep the sad history of Christian antisemitism in mind when responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the present?

Harvest Prude

I think the question of how we should think about the effect Christian antisemitism has had on Jewish people historically is an important issue for believers to wrestle with as they consider modern day challenges in the Middle East, and so I’m glad this course addressed that so thoroughly. One thing that struck me is that it is important not just on an international relations/political level but it is important on a personal, theological level. It’s indisputable that bad theology can lead and has led to hateful ideology that is far from what the Gospel preaches and the values that are consistent with Scripture. Another example that comes to mind is the teaching of the “mark of Cain” and how that led to a distorted theology towards black people to justify slavery in America and elsewhere. But as this course addresses, the fact that the dominant view of the role of the Jewish people around the time of the Holocaust was antisemitic should not be something that is swept under the rug and should be a wakeup call for Christians. When thinking about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, we cannot divorce any proposed solutions from those historic injustices or ignore or downplay that the role many Christians (though not all) played was one that was negative.