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Reply To: What are some of the issues with which we, as Christians, can find common ground with Muslims? How can we engage and unite on those issues?

Collin Bastian

I think this course had such a good point when it mentioned that the future of globalized religion will include, among perhaps other categories, not only Christianity and Islam, but also a growing secularism. As secularism seeks to push religion and questions of religious faith and all displays of piety outside of the public realm, it will be of the utmost importance to fight these efforts and preserve a place for religious people of all stripes in the world. As the world’s two most populous religions, it should be incumbent upon both Christianity and Islam to stand up for religious freedom and religious perspectives everywhere. This especially includes a defense of religious morality and ethics, which secularism has attempted (and has to some degree succeeded) at systematically undermining. Public morality, of course, is not just a feature of religion, and it is not a violation of religious freedom conscience rights to defend a particular conception of the good in the public square.