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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

John Ryan Rodriguez

Personally, I grew up in a Methodist household in a strong Catholic community. Eventually, I found myself attending non-denomination churches to spend time with friends on Wednesday nights. Before I left for college, I was raised to believe that the denomination everyone was in was a strong factor in who and what they were. Almost as if the beliefs were vastly different.
While in college, I got to explore my faith deeper by doing the following – attending differing services, having coffee with others from other denominations, and participating in theological courses at the churches in the area. Those three tangible actions made me find my identity in Christ. Moreover, it helped me realize just how similar the Christian community can be when slight differences are put to the side. Because of my greater understanding and back of experiences, I was able to have deeper conversations with others and find community with those I wouldn’t have been so fortunate before.