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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Taylor Roth

Hello everyone,

This has been one of my favorite courses in the Pathfinder program, and I have loved reading through all of your posts and the ways that you intend to improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions. Especially living within the United States, it can be incredibly difficult at times to comprehend how to engage with practices different than those that we are familiar with. However, as this course has demonstrated, the body of Christ is extremely diverse, and it is essential to understand Christians who hold traditions unique from our own. Even within America, I have noticed how my Catholic friends hold different traditions and rituals when compared to my protestant friends and family members. When considering this, it becomes even more apparent how diverse Christianity in other regions of the world can be! Although this may seem intimidating at times, it is crucial to learn how to connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ. To achieve this, I plan to accept invitations from my friends to their church services more often, engage directly with Christians from other regions with both an open mind and heart and position myself with the humility to understand how complex my faith is and that the unique practices of other Christians throughout the world should be treated with respect and tolerance.