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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

Taylor Roth

Hi everyone,

I loved taking this course with you all and have enjoyed reading through your thoughts! I entirely agree that is it essential to combat antisemitism within our own Christian communities in order to combat rising Jew-hatred across America and around the world while further emboldening strong Jewish-Christian relations. However, in order to achieve this, it is crucial to understand the complexities that have taken place between Jews and Christians throughout history. When I first became involved in the Israel space in college, I was shocked to learn about the fact that Christian leaders would teach radical concepts such as Replacement Theology that claim that God has broken his covenant with the Jewish people over the killing of Jesus. For decades, this hateful rhetoric has further promoted discrimination and antisemitism against the Jewish community and has prevented Christians from speaking up for our Jewish brothers and sisters against atrocities committed against them. To combat antisemitism and supersessionism within our own faith community, I believe it is essential to embody the boldness of leaders like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who stood with the Jewish community against radical hatred against them, even when other Christian leaders denounced these efforts. To achieve this, I plan to speak out against antisemitism through the Philos Action League while further educating my fellow Christians about the importance of supporting the Jewish people.